Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Public Displays

Valparaiso, Chile

South America should be a destination for every traveller. It has spectacular landscape, histories that rival all cultures of the world and modern cities that have everything to offer. But you know all that since Rio, Macchu Pichu, the Galapagos and Buenos Aires get plenty of face time in glossy travel ads and oft-copied internet pitches. But what is seldom mentioned may be one of the most frequent sights of all.

The people of South America are well known for their expression- whether it is trekking in the Andes, performing the tango or marching in the Sambadrome. But one form of expression that is near universal on this continent and can be seen in just about every central city plaza is the very public displays of affection.

While throughout the world lovers do express their feeling, South Americans take their passions to another libido level. We aren’t talking about holding hands or cheek pecks, down here there’s make out sessions on street corners and park benches for all to see. But the thing is, the locals don’t notice, and frankly neither does the traveller after a time. By the time your trip has concluded, the pda will have become a part of the landscape and just maybe, you and your partner will also have joined in on the fun.

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