Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Flashback- The Curious King

Feb 21, 2009
I managed to squeeze my way into the back of a Range Rover as a escort for what I knew would be a fabulous tour to the king penguins at volunteer point in the Falkland Islands. After more than two hours of off-roading over peaty hummocks, we had arrived. As is my habit, I quickly tried to distance myself from the other tourists in order to spend a little alone time with the kings.

It wasn't long before I realized the trick would be to let them come to me, so a sat myself down about where I thought our paths would cross. It wasn't long before two kings walked right up to me. As I had anticipated the experience, I prepared for the moment- framing the photo in the best light and angle. When one of the two kings leaned in to peck at my right hand, I clicked off a frame. That briefest of moments will forever live, thanks to this image.

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